SAW sensors unique features


Easy installation
Compatible with rotating or in motion monitoring applications


Infinite autonomy for 24/7 online monitoring
No risk of explosion
Green tech 


Not affected by electro-magnetic fields
Withstand high and low temperatures, high currents and voltages


In all dielectric material like plastic, concrete, rubber for inner temperature profiles


Unique differential structure
No need of recalibration

For Retrofit or OEM

Easy integration
Modular configuration (multi-point)
Seamless interfacing with existing network


More than 80 000 sensors in operation

SENSeOR’s SAW sensors have been chosen by Kongsberg Maritime for the wireless passive temperature probes used for the crankshaft bearings surveillance in their ship engine monitoring solution.
Mr A.J. from Kongsberg Maritime attests: "We have installed thousands of these SAW sensors inside ship engines, working in the toughest conditions, some for more than 10 years, and none of these has ever failed!”

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French Headquarters
505 route des Lucioles, Navigator B
06560 Valbonne – Sophia Antipolis

SENSeOR Offices
c/o Temis Innovation
18 rue Alain Savary
25000 Besançon

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SENSeOR Profile

SENSeOR exploits Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) to conceive unique-patented wireless passive temperature sensors. SENSeOR is a 10-year old start-up spirit French company, part of WIKA Group since 2012. Its expert engineer team provides field-engineering services and customized developments in addition to its standard sensor portfolio, in a simple and comprehensive monitoring platform, for Industry and Energy applications. SENSeOR is a member of the French association “Think Smartgrids, French solutions for smart grids” and is part of "La French Tech - Clean Tech".