Energy - Power generation, transmission, distribution

Wireless, passive, robust to EMF, maintenance-free
SAW sensors are a link of
the Smart Grid chain

The unique features of SAW sensors open the scope of condition monitoring to the most critical high-voltage and medium-voltage assets, enabling to control temperature at the very heart of the equipment where no other technology operates correctly.
The modularity and ease-of-use of SENSeOR’s monitoring platform enables a quick and cost-effective implementation, and provides additional features to temperature monitoring like partial discharge monitoring, humidity control, correlation with the load of the equipment, to give access to operators to the benefits of condition-based maintenance and dynamic load management: enhanced safety, minimized life-cycle costs, and increased throughput.

Endless possible applications over the Grid


Brochure: SENSeOR Modular Platform for Power Asset Monitoring

RTE, French TSO, chooses SENSeOR solutions

RTE selected SENSeOR in the frame of its Open Innovation process in a competition organized in 2015 around the topic “Smart Grids and power equipment monitoring”.
Since then, SENSeOR’s systems are being implemented on the field, in RTE substations, for a pilot phase during which RTE will fine-tune its specifications and SENSeOR will evolve its products accordingly, to come to an optimized solution, industrialized and ready to integrate in the “digital substation” of the near future.

Press release announcing the selection of SENSeOR by RTE (12/15)

Communiqué annonçant la sélection de SENSeOR par RTE (12/15)

Unique features for electrical equipment monitoring

Efficient, modular platform

DSO, TSO, final user, Oil & Gas industry operator, plant manager, asset owner, SENSeOR's monitoring platform allows you to:

  • Adapt the measurements and the monitoring scope to your needs: temperature, partial discharge, humidity, other sensors inputs
  • Create a network at your hand: connected to your SCADA, HMI or even cloud storage, or stand-alone, autonomous system(s) in a closed loop with local display and/or SD card data storage
  • Program and manage alarms with adjustable thresholds and notification parameters

Unique sensors

  • Wireless, totally passive, infinite autonomy
  • Maintenance-free, long-term stable
  • Low-profile, easy-to-install with modular mountings and fixation modes
  • Designed such as to not impact the electric performance of the equipment and to preserve its dielectric integrity
  • ATEX compatible
  • Operate perfectly on MV/HV assets, and at very high temperatures, under extreme electrical fields, under high currents and voltages (20 kA, 545 kV), on points not reachable with thermography or other legacy sensors, specifically in harsh environments and on rotating/mobile parts

Get access easily to online monitoring benefits

A low-cost solution, quickly implemented, even in retrofit, enabling precise, real-time condition and load monitoring will bring you quick ROI through:

  • Optimized productivity
  • Minimized life-cycle costs
  • Extended asset lifetime
  • Enhanced safety for operators and users
  • Service continuity and minimized downtime
  • Flexibility through dynamic load management

Application examples



Easy installation in any type of switchgear
Optimized design for robust interrogation in metal-clad cubicles

Example of Medium-voltage Air-insulated switchgear (AIS) metal-clad cubicle:

  • 6 sensors on the circuit breaker arms
  • Up to 6 additional sensors on connections of busbars and cables
  • Ambient temperature and humidity in option
  • Current sensors input when available
  • License-free use worldwide

Brochure: Modular Platform for Continuous Monitoring for Switchgears



Disconnect switches

Compatible with all types of MV/HV disconnectors (pantograph, rotating, vertical break etc.)
1 temperature sensor per phase on the fingers

Additional feature under development: strain measurement on the contacts to detect mechanical issues or excessive wear and control the good position of the fingers when closing the disconnector


Power generation

Temperature control on rotating parts of critical equipment
Examples in hydraulic/steam/wind power stations: turbines, hydro-generators, in generator circuit-breaker, on flexible terminals, on rotor

Sensors under development for temperatures up to 600°C

Application example: Wind turbine temperature monitoring




In retrofit on cooling system

Sensors compatible with oil immersion under development for monitoring of critical connexions inside transformers




Application example with 3 sensors on connections in a rectifier



Flexible terminals

Application example with 4 sensors on flexible terminals in isolated-phase bus system

Contact SENSeOR

French Headquarters
505 route des Lucioles, Navigator B
06560 Valbonne – Sophia Antipolis

SENSeOR Offices
c/o Temis Innovation
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25000 Besançon

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SENSeOR Profile

SENSeOR is a French company created in 2006, part of WIKA Group (Germany) since 2012. SENSeOR exploits Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) to conceive unique-patented wireless passive sensors, integrated in an innovative, future-proof monitoring platform for Power Equipment and Industrial Machines. Its expert engineer team provides field-engineering services and customized developments in addition to its standard sensor portfolio. Features like online Partial Discharge Detection add even more value to SENSeOR's modular IoT platform, for Industrial customers, Data Centers, Electricity Transmission and Distribution Operators, Utilities. SENSeOR is an active member of the French association “Think Smartgrids, French solutions for smart grids” and of the "Club Smart Grids Côte d'Azur", and is part of "La French Tech - Clean Tech".