Industry, Automation, Transportation

Wireless battery-less sensors for continuous condition monitoring at the heart of the most critical assets
Real-time process control all over the production chain, with easy installation and simple data management

SAW sensors enable on-line measurement in harsh environments and on mobile and rotating parts.
They are easily installed without laying cables, even in retrofit, and are maintenance-free, making them very convenient and cost-effective over the equipment life-cycle.
The modularity of the platform and the available sensors make them suitable for equipment surveillance and load monitoring with respect to the equipment condition, as well as process control with recording and follow-up of temperatures inside/on the produced goods for process optimization with respect to temperature profile.

Over 80 000 sensors installed in ship engines

Kongsberg Maritime – leading monitoring solution provider for marine automation and off-shore Oil & Gas sector – integrates SENSeOR’s SAW sensitive elements into its Sentry systems for more than 10 years. The wireless temperature sensors perform continuous monitoring of the bearings inside the compressors. This system is type-approved to replace the legacy oil-mist detectors, and provides early warning in case of abnormal heating, indicating a potential defect and enabling quick and easy correction, before any major damage occurs and without failure and long outages.
More than 80 000 sensors are installed Worldwide.

We have installed thousands of systems working in the toughest conditions and none of the sensors has ever failed.
We will use this technology for other breakthrough applications.
A.J. – General Manager Machinery Instrumentation at Kongsberg Maritime AS

More details about the Sentry system and Kongsberg



Unique sensors

  • Wireless, battery-less, featuring infinite autonomy
  • Maintenance-free, long-term stable
  • Low-profile, easy-to-install with modular mountings and fixation modes
  • ATEX-compatible for explosive atmospheres
  • Operate in harsh environments: high temperatures, electromagnetic fields, in oil-mist, fluids, dust, chemicals, humidity etc.
  • Operate on rotating and mobile parts
Customized sensor packaging and mounting are available to fit almost every application. Send us your requirements!

Efficient, modular monitoring platform

  • adapt the measurements and the monitoring scope to your needs: temperature, humidity, partial discharge for electrical equipment, other sensors inputs
  • create a network fitting your need – no more no less –: connected to your SCADA, HMI or even cloud storage, or stand-alone, autonomous system(s) in a closed loop with local display and/or SD card data storage
  • program and manage easily alarms with adjustable thresholds and notification parameters

Quick ROI and access to continuous monitoring benefits

Low cost of the solution
(both at acquisition and overtime because of the sensor robustness and no need of maintenance)


Low costs of installation
(quick and easy, reducing downtime due to implementation)


Cost reductions induced by the condition-based maintenance of the Equipment
(less maintenance visits, less failures and repair costs, less downtime and production loss)


Extended asset lifetime


Optimized productivity and throughput


Energy consumption reduction through process optimization and efficiency


High value and quick Return on Investment
And the most valuable of all the benefits: enhanced safety for operators and users

Application examples

SAW sensors can bring high value thanks to continuous monitoring and process control in many industries, in Transportation (rail, shipping, on- off-highway vehicles), in Automation, in Aeronautics, Oil & Gas (see also Energy section), in Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries, in Food and Beverage Industry, Paper industry etc., in brief, in any factory taking the way to “Smart Factory” of the (not so far) future!

Several types of temperature sensors are available and can be integrated into the monitoring platform.

rolls ireless-passive-temperature-probe-SENSeOR-TSA-TA34

Continuous monitoring of rolls with temperature probes

High-temperature packaging for the sensors, high-temperature emission antennas available for harsh environments
Modbus communication with SCADA network or autonomous network with local display

Sensors under development for temperatures up to 600°C

coupling ireless-passive-temperature-sensor-SENSeOR-TSA-TA42

Real-time monitoring of fluid couplings

Low-profile, very light sensor, axial or radial screw mounting, customizable insertion length,
withstands high levels of shocks and vibrations, g force, high-speed rotation
Seamless interfacing of the system with existing SCADA network or closed-loop system with customizable alarms

driveline Wireless-passive-temperature-sensor-TSA-TA31

On-line temperature monitoring of driveline cardan shaft bearings

Screw-mounted sensors in shaft bearings for industrial drivelines (shredders, cold rolling mills, paper machines)
Modular interface with HMI or SCADA (Modbus-RTU, analog output, wireless communication like Zigbee etc.)

Application example: Driveshaft bearing monitoring

The versatility of SAW sensors and SENSeOR’s monitoring platform opens the door to many other possible monitoring applications like brakes temperature control in vehicles, overheat/fire detection in planes, in-engine temperature measurement (on rotor), temperature monitoring Inside industrial furnaces and tunnel ovens, inside mixers, blenders, mills, dryers, temperature control on moving carriers, inside kilns, autoclaves, sterilization chambers etc. either for condition-based maintenance with precise surveillance of the production equipment or for process control, following the produced goods over the production chain/assembly line.

Brochure: SAW sensors for Industry

In addition to temperature monitoring, wireless passive strain gages are under development in order to cover applications like torque monitoring on rotors, pressure measurement in pipes and tanks with instrumented valves, level measurements in tanks, load/weight monitoring in logistics, and the many applications in Structural Health Monitoring.
Cryogenic sensitive elements are also available for mounting in customized sensors.


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SENSeOR Profile

SENSeOR is a French company created in 2006, part of WIKA Group (Germany) since 2012. SENSeOR exploits Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) to conceive unique-patented wireless passive sensors, integrated in an innovative, future-proof monitoring platform for Power Equipment and Industrial Machines. Its expert engineer team provides field-engineering services and customized developments in addition to its standard sensor portfolio. Features like online Partial Discharge Detection add even more value to SENSeOR's modular IoT platform, for Industrial customers, Data Centers, Electricity Transmission and Distribution Operators, Utilities. SENSeOR is an active member of the French association “Think Smartgrids, French solutions for smart grids” and of the "Club Smart Grids Côte d'Azur", and is part of "La French Tech - Clean Tech".