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Beyond temperature measurement and partial discharge
Diversity of measurements achievable with SAW sensors

If you have a monitoring application/measurement need where you feel wireless battery-less sensors which can be built thanks to SAW technology would bring value, ask our engineering team: we will assess feasibility of a customized development.

Customized wireless battery-less SAW strain gages

Traditional wired strain gages are sometimes not convenient or not robust enough for many demanding applications, in harsh environments. Wireless passive strain gages based on SAW technology overcome these constraints.
They can be assembled in wireless passive stress sensors or wireless passive torque sensors to perform measurements on rotating parts in industrial equipment for high-precision, maintenance-free, low-cost strain/torque measurement.
SAW strain gauges can also be embedded in material like rubber or concrete, for Structural Health Monitoring of pipelines for example.
Because SAW sensors operate robustly under high electro-magnetic fields, high currents and high voltages and are dielectrically safe and totally passive, they are also the only sensors which can be mounted on critical contact points in electrical assets like for instance disconnect switches, for correct position monitoring.

SENSeOR develops customized wireless SAW strain gages for its customers in R&D/engineering projects.


Customized wireless battery-less SAW pressure sensors

SAW technology enables wireless passive pressure measurement.
SENSeOR develops in R&D/engineering projects wireless SAW pressure sensors, totally autonomous and multifunction (temperature and pressure measurements) to meet the requirements of multiple industrial and automation applications, overcoming the constraints of manometer (need of connection and loss of content) and reducing maintenance costs through process optimization.


SAW: powerful enabling technology for many measurements

SAW technology used for sensing opens numerous possibilities for measurements formerly impossible, with sensors overcoming the constraints of the legacy solutions.
Examples include biological sensors, level sensors, viscosity sensors, humidity sensors, Ground Penetrating Radar-like solutions.
For these development projects, SENSeOR’s Research team works with Best-in-Class industrial and scientific partners.

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SENSeOR Profile

SENSeOR is a 12-year-old start-up-spirit French company, part of WIKA Group since 2012. SENSeOR exploits Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) to conceive unique-patented wireless passive sensors, integrated in an innovative, future-proof monitoring platform for Power Equipment and Industrial Machines. Its expert engineer team provides field-engineering services and customized developments in addition to its standard sensor portfolio. Features like online Partial Discharge Detection add even more value to SENSeOR's modular IoT platform, for Industrial customers, Data Centers, Electricity Transmission and Distribution Operators, Utilities. SENSeOR is an active member of the French association “Think Smartgrids, French solutions for smart grids” and of the "Club Smart Grids Côte d'Azur", and is part of "La French Tech - Clean Tech".