Packaged Systems

Easy-to-use modular monitoring solutions
Wireless passive SAW temperature sensors packaged in application-oriented systems

A typical SAW monitoring solution is composed of one or several SAW sensors, one or several emission antennas, one transceiver/concentrator, used for sensor interrogation, data acquisition and processing, and data communication to a central unit or a PC.
A Graphic User Interface is also available for measurement display and recording on a PC. Various options are available, like Partial Discharge monitoring, other sensors inputs, external data storage for back-up etc.
Some systems are listed below, available out of stock for identified applications like switchgear monitoring.
Customized systems can also be assembled to cover your specific need, for your monitoring application: ask our field-engineers!


Monitoring system for Circuit Breaker


Circuit breaker temperature monitoring (inside cubicle)
6 wireless battery-less temperature sensors


Monitoring system for Switchgear


Switchgear monitoring (inside cubicle)
6 wireless battery-less temperature sensors

Partial Discharge Detection


Monitoring system for Circuit Breaker – Multiple cubicles

S2 MC and S2 MC PDD

Switchgear monitoring (inside 3 adjacent cubicles)
3x6 wireless battery-less temperature sensors

In option: Partial Discharge Detection

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SENSeOR Profile

SENSeOR is a 12-year-old start-up-spirit French company, part of WIKA Group since 2012. SENSeOR exploits Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) to conceive unique-patented wireless passive sensors, integrated in an innovative, future-proof monitoring platform for Power Equipment and Industrial Machines. Its expert engineer team provides field-engineering services and customized developments in addition to its standard sensor portfolio. Features like online Partial Discharge Detection add even more value to SENSeOR's modular IoT platform, for Industrial customers, Data Centers, Electricity Transmission and Distribution Operators, Utilities. SENSeOR is an active member of the French association “Think Smartgrids, French solutions for smart grids” and of the "Club Smart Grids Côte d'Azur", and is part of "La French Tech - Clean Tech".