Relying on Comprehensive Resources

Top quality
Lean manufacturing
High volumes

In addition to its own advanced resources, SENSeOR benefits from the capabilities and expertise of WIKA.

High-end tools

Modeling and simulation tools for design: from the highly complicated physical phenomenon to complete sensor chips, their packaging and mounting, antenna design, transceiver hardware design
Development tools for embedded firmware, field support tools and Graphic User Interfaces

Technology portfolio

Extensive set of available components for effective and efficient product development, from standard sensors to customized sensing systems:
  • sensor chip design and production
  • sensor chip packaging
  • tuning and calibration
  • antenna design and production
  • transceiver – platform based electronics, achieving unique performance

IP portfolio

Numerous patents (some pending) covering all fundamental principles of SAW technology and technical aspects of SAW sensing systems are complemented by exclusive licenses on TEMEX’s patents. This enables us to offer unique customer solutions, leading to real product differentiation.


SENSeOR follows the principles of ISO TS16949 for quality controls at each step of its processes and those of its certified production partners, for unmatched product reliability and customer satisfaction. Specific certification requirements processed in bespoke projects

Contact SENSeOR

French Headquarters
505 route des Lucioles, Navigator B
06560 Valbonne – Sophia Antipolis

SENSeOR Offices
c/o Temis Innovation
18 rue Alain Savary
25000 Besançon

contact [@]

SENSeOR Profile

SENSeOR is a French company created in 2006, part of WIKA Group (Germany) since 2012. SENSeOR exploits Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) to conceive unique-patented wireless passive sensors, integrated in an innovative, future-proof monitoring platform for Power Equipment and Industrial Machines. Its expert engineer team provides field-engineering services and customized developments in addition to its standard sensor portfolio. Features like online Partial Discharge Detection add even more value to SENSeOR's modular IoT platform, for Industrial customers, Data Centers, Electricity Transmission and Distribution Operators, Utilities. SENSeOR is an active member of the French association “Think Smartgrids, French solutions for smart grids” and of the "Club Smart Grids Côte d'Azur", and is part of "La French Tech - Clean Tech".